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The Santa Barbara Smokehouse® Is the Home of Two Critically Acclaimed Brands of Smoked Salmon.

Cambridge House smoked salmon

Cambridge House®

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Coastal Harbor smoked salmon

Coastal Harbor®

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"Above all, we appreciate the art of smoking salmon, and will continue the traditions carried out centuries before our time."

Perfect Climate

With its ideal coastal climate, Santa Barbara is home to...

Our Story

Chef Approved

We have received accolades from culinary experts and restaurants...


Traditionally Smoked

Our proprietary, artisanal recipe originated in Scotland in the 1940s...

Smoked Salmon
Santa Barbara Smokehouse

A Classical Masterpiece In Beautiful Santa Barbara, California

The Santa Barbara Smokehouse® was built in 2004. From initial renderings to the placement of the final brick, the 15,000 square foot facility was masterfully built for one purpose: to produce the highest quality smoked salmon utilizing traditional, artisanal methods

The Smokehouse