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A Modern Masterpiece


Santa Barbara SmokehouseThe Santa Barbara Smokehouse® was built in 2004. From the initial renderings to the placement of the final brick, the 15,000 square foot facility was built for one purpose: to produce the highest quality smoked salmon utilizing traditional, artisanal methods. The region’s perfect climate is conducive to the most sustainable salmon smoking practices in the industry. Despite its rustic exterior and mission-style architecture, our Smokehouse is a state-of-the-art facility engineered for optimal workflow efficiency and uncompromising food safety.


Adhering to our commitment to sustainability, only locally sourced logs from
fallen trees are burned. No trees are cut down to supply wood to the Smokehouse.

A Vision Of Traditional Smoking

The Santa Barbara Smokehouse® is passionate about preserving the artisanal methods of the salmon smoking trade. Unlike high-volume manufacturers, which typically burn wood chips on hot plates, we are one of the only establishments in the world whose smokehouse burns full logs in an open fire, with fish hung by rope in a traditional brick kiln, the way it was done for centuries in Scotland.   
Our Story


“I wanted to build a smokehouse that was beautiful and rustic on the outside, but ultra modern and high tech on the inside, with standards of food safety and efficiency that are second to none.”


– Tim Brown, CEO